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Now in two locations:
216 3rd Ave S. Jax Beach, 32250
1401 Penman Rd. suite E&F Jax Beach, 32250



We believe in living a life full of fun, excitement, gratitude, and free of judgement. These feelings drive our culture, and guide our core teachings and practices at ALT FIT JAX. Our focus is on helping clients shift their perspective on fitness and push new limits. We offer a variety of services, classes, and workshops to help all of our clients achieve healthier bodies and minds.




1ST TIMERS - Perfect for anyone wanting to see what pole fitness is all about and learn foundational, basic skills such as pirouettes, body rolls, step arounds, and individual spins. 


POLE BEGINNER - Ready to begin your pole journey? In this class you will learn spins, climbing, and basic technique. We include strength conditioning & cardio to get you to the next level. Put your moves together into mini routines!

POLE INTERMEDIATE - It's time to get upside down and expand your repertoire of spins, tricks, and creativity. Use your skills to create beautiful combos in a safe and supported environment.

POLE ADVANCED AND MASTERS CLASS - These classes are for the experienced poler. After successfully mastering a number of prerequisites, use your skills to execute beautiful aerial combos and exciting, challenging new moves. 

ROLLER POLE - Pole in roller skates?  Why not?!  Come have some fun rolling around and learning how to flow, dance, and create cool shapes in skates.  Quad skates only, no rollerblades please.


LYRA  (LEVELS 1, 1.5, 2) - Take it to the hoop. From man in the moon to aerial acrobatics, learn how to safely navigate the beautiful world of lyra.  Flexibility, strength, and tricks. Higher levels will work above the hoop as well. 

SILKS (LEVELS 1 & 2) - Perfect for both experienced aerialists and anyone looking to try something new and exciting!  Learn different types of locks, how to climb, wrap, invert, and drop. And then get ready to create some beautiful sequences and flows. 

AERIAL YOGA - Time to let gravity work to your advantage. Melt into stretches and familiar yoga poses while building strength and improving balance.  Utilizes yoga hammock & straps.

AERIAL KIDS - Has your child dreamt of joining the circus? Now they can! Your child will build strength, flexibility, and body awareness

all while building confidence to flow through the air like a true aerialist. These classes are beginner friendly and appropriate for children ages 7-14. We offer a Teens & Tweens class that is

perfect for kids ages 12-17 as well. 



EXOTIC CHOREOGRAPHY 1 & 2 - Time to add some spice to the workout routine. Includes floor work, flows, spins, and tricks. 1 - ALL LEVELS,  2 - INTERMEDIATE & above. Heels and knee pads recommended.

HEEL ROCKERS - Get comfortable rockin' your heels with choreographed routines; combining sexy movements, heels clacks, and flexy fun! Heels and knee pads highly encouraged.

SUNDAY SCHOOL - An intermediate level Pole class focused on

sexy, fun tricks and spins as well as plenty of time to freestyle

and dance it out.

CARDI-HO - get ready for the most fun you could possibly have in an aerobics class! Get your heart pumping and your booty shaking with these fun, dynamic, choreographed routines.



BOOTY BURN - Feel the burn! Boot camp style interval training class with both cardio and strength and conditioning. 

POLE FIT - Strength and conditioning geared specifically toward pole. This class uses both the pole and the mat for targeted conditioning to further your practice. 

SUPER STRETCH - Increase range of motion, flexibility and muscle suppleness using multiple types of stretching techniques. Practice safe and effective dynamic, active, passive, static stretching approaches and more...all designed to improve pole dance, yoga and everyday functional activities.

PILA-TEASE SCULPT - Ready to bring even more fire to your day? Pila-tease classes use pilates movements to sculpt, tone, and tighten your physique. Enjoy seductive transitions and flirty choreography while moving to a bad babe playlist.

“Respect your body. It’s the only one you get.”


Our goal is to offer classes and programs that suit the health needs and fitness experiences of everyone. Contact us to find out more.

216 3rd Ave South
Jacksonville Beach, Florida 32250


1401 Penman Rd. suite E&F

Jacksonville Beach, Florida 32250

(904) 307-6416